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This is the list of projects I participate during my studing or like personnal activities for fun.


A mario-like game with Tux as hero. Develloped in Delphi during my first year at Epita.


A virtual reality world where people come to speak. This is of course networked and it's like an irc where people are represented by an avatar


A realtime raytracer. The main goal of Raytance is to provide a fast visualisation of basics primitives (sphere, box, plane ...). For now the project is just at the beginning, but we hope that we will be able to have a solid base and interresting features.
Raytance is based upon OpenGL 1.2 and libXML 2.
This is destinated to become a 64ko intro develloped for epidemic an association develloping demoscene spirit at Epita.
Finally it happens. We have made an invitation to synthesis party 4 with our engine. It has been made in hurry at start04 so it's only 1 min long. Get it here and pouet comments here.

OpenBSD Filesystem Howto

This document should allow anyone to integrate a new filesystem in the OpenBSD system. It has been done in november 2003 by me and sebastien Bombal so it is based on 3.4 version of OpenBSD. I don't think there will be future updates but if you find errors/missmatches please tell me i'll correct these.


Blastotof is a simple jpg images repository presentation and browser tool. It create thumbnails himself, support a description for each photo, detailled title and different css styles per directory.

This is a python script that only need the standard python distribution. It require imagemagick if you want to convert thumbnails on the fly (done only the first time you view a directory). It must be used as a cgi script with the apache webserver for exemple. I personally use apache + mod_python in cgi handler mode, it speed up a lot the python scripts.

Latest version can be found here.

Some old snapshot are here.

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