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welcome to gløt.net.
Here is informations about me, my projects, etc.

In real life,

my name is Laurent Corbes (also known as Caf'). I am a french engineer from Epita, an engineer school at Paris. I am a specialist of unix systems (linux, *BSD, solaris), networks and security. All the things needed for a strong network. I curently work as System and Network Engineer for Smartjog S.A..

My Hobbies,

free softwares, demoscene, photo, ...
I use and participate to free software movement since 2000. My first contact with linux was in 1998 when my parents decided to throw away their i486.I tested my first redhat linux 4.1 cd on it. Since I used several linux distributions and free unices. I am very familiar with debian GNU/Linux (the only real linux distribution ;-), FreeBSD (the best bsd for general purpose servers and stations) and OpenBSD (great for firewalls and routers).
Demoscene is a group of people that makes realtime motion graphics productions for fun. The first contact was in Epita when epidemic make a presentation for new students. After several years of fun and great productions Epidemic is now dead. We traveled around Europe to participate to demoscene events where each group present their lastest productions. For more detailled informations see these websites: Orange Juice, Pouet.net, scene.org and Epidemic.

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